Kindle Books

Kindle is fast becoming the Holy Grail of internet marketing crossover success. Many marketers are trying their hands at publishing. Some are successful, but many more are discovering that the pot o’ gold is not as easy to attain as the gurus/leprechauns are claiming.

As far as internet snake oil goes, kindle is the top seller right now, closely followed by Local Business marketing. SEO has taken a big nosedive because, well, it’s just getting so hard to keep up with Google’s ever changing algorithms.

Now there are some successful authors, mainly of fiction titles in the areas of mystery, thriller, true crime, romance, supernatural romance, bdsm romance, young adult fiction, horror, etc. But not just anyone is going to be able to pull off writing a quality fiction book. Lots of people are suggesting authors write short serial fiction, but I can tell you from experience that readers are tiring of this ploy quickly. Now that Amazon is prominently posting book lengths, readers who have been burned are paying closer attention to how many pages a book has. Full length novels win, unless they’re included in the Kindle Singles program, because these are backed, marketed, and recommended by Amazon.

I really wish all of the marketers would quit trying to become authors through the proliferation of “How To Become A Published Author Even If You Hate To Write” courses. Take it from me. If you hate to write, you have no business authoring a book. As for the ever popular “outsourcing” game, here’s another tip. Decent writers are not going to pump out quality books for you for $50-$200 each when they can write and publish the books themselves and keep all the money. Would you? Think about it.

Happy Halloween

Get smart this holiday season with Halloween savings you can’t pass up. I’ve shared one coupon with you already, now here’s another. Costumes are important.

A friend of mine was just talking today about the state of the economy and what effect it seemed to be having on sales in general and probably Halloween sales as well. He said he imagined folks were sitting around in their little houses explaining to their children how it’s gonna be this year.

“Well, kids, we’re gonna take this paper sack, and we’re going to cut some eye holes in it, and a nice wide slot for your mouth, and two little tiny holes for your nostrils.”

“What’s it gonna be, Daddy?”

“Well, what do you want to be for Halloween?”

“Uh… the Hulk, like on the Avengers.”

“And that’s exactly what it is!”

I laughed so hard when he told me that story. He acted it out with voices and everything. It was hilarious. But what isn’t funny is that there’s definitely a kernel of truth in it. We all know it’s gotten tough to afford the simple things in life, much less a killer costume for each member of your family. Please don’t buy without using a coupon code. Use the money you save to put on a bill, or take your family out for a special dinner!